• Mar 01 2010

    50.0% Chance

    There will be a million gay marriages

    On Saturday, January 24th 2025, Dales Patrick and John Wilson will get married in front of their 28 guests at a church i...

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  • Jan 01 2014

    50.0% Chance

    Office spouse

    With men and woman spending increasing number of hours in the workplace, attractions between colleagues becomes quite na...

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  • Jan 01 2011

    50.0% Chance

    Polygamy with a twist

    With homosexuality in the rise, procreation has dwindled. So eligible bachelors are allowed to choose a woman to marry a...

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  • Mar 07 2033

    50.0% Chance

    Becoming My Partner’s Dream Partner

    My wife Jane and I are poles apart. It was incomprehensible what drove us to say ‘I do’ 15 years ago. We led lives where...

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  • Jan 01 2012

    50.0% Chance

    My my kids a stable life

    Hailing from a broken family, my sisters and I were a neglected lot. When I fell in love with Julia, I vowed to give our...

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  • Jan 20 2013

    50.0% Chance

    Obama promises to fight for change for all LGBT Americans

    As your President, I will use the bully pulpit to urge states to treat samesex couples with full equality in their famil...

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