The Hypothesis

Is everything related?
Do things happen for a reason?
What can we learn from the past and make the future better?

The Experiment

Web of Fate is a semantic analysis engine that extracts meaning from historical, present and future events and draw connections among them.

Semantic Relations

The ontology model for each event is based on the following primary semantic relations
What - event subject
When - placement in time
How - event description
Where - geospatial analysis - coordinates and coverage area
Who - event performer - influence, expertise, and potential
Why - event reasoning - in addition to event description
ontology model

Study the Past

Study the flow of events and decision paths chosen by historical figures. Uncover the treasure trove of past experiences and knowledge.

Preserve the Present

Take snapshots of the exact state of when a predictive event is made. So future generations can understand why certain choices were made.

Explore the Future

Identify trends, locate anomalies, detect threats and track multiple / alternate futures with FutureGraph.


Visualization 1Visualization 2Visualization 3

A visualization formed by the collective intelligence of the user base and semantic relations across spacetime. Quickly identify localized patterns with named constellations.

Web of Fate will provide an array of semantic web services, starting with the RDF generator, allowing users to integrate semantic and decision analysis into their own products and services.

The Solution

You have the solution...