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Water powered cars

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Gas prices are sky rocketing. Commuters prefer traveling by public transport since driving a car to long distances is summing up to be very expensive. There will soon be a solution to this problem too.

Cars in a few years will run on water. Anyway, 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, thus there is no scarcity of water. The cost of water compared to 1 liter of petrol will be meager. To grab this opportunity of low cost and also utilizing the abundance of water, within the next decade petrol tanks will be replaced by water tanks. Petrol pumps worldwide will shut down. Drivers will fill water tanks by themselves with hose pipes available at home. This saves all the effort of going to the pump. Secondly the efficiency of the cars will improve tremendously since petrol is lighter than water. However the frequency of filling the tanks will increase manifold. This will increase ones savings and also reduce the pollution in air.


US LAT: 39.76 LONG: -98.50 RADIUS: 911

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