Ubuntu is the source of Linux's rise

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The Economist makes three technology predictions for 2008, two of which concern web surfing and the third of which concerns everyone, whether they surf the web or not. The Economist's third prediction is that the technology world will open up:

The embrace of "openness" by firms that have grown fat on closed, proprietary technology is something we'll see more of in 2008....

Pundits agree: neither Microsoft nor Apple can compete at the new price points being plumbed by companies looking to cut costs. With open-source software maturing fast, Linux, OpenOffice, Firefox, MySQL, Evolution, Pidgin and some 23,000 other Linux applications available for free seem more than ready to fill that gap. By some reckonings, Linux fans will soon outnumber Macintosh addicts. Linus Torvalds should be rightly proud.


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I would tend to agree with you having just used Linux Ubuntu (the Hardy Heron version) for approximately the past six months. But, and this is why I switched BACK to Windows. Even though I had better performance by and large with Ubuntu. And I was extremely happy with the intuitiveness of it's use. I could not get the vast majority of my computer peripherals to work with Ubuntu. And since I am not made of money and refused to replace all my hardware I was sort of forced to make due with what I had. And even though I used programs like WINE and other similar programs on Ubuntu to help bridge the hardware and the software. I STILL had major issues. Such as, my web cam did not ever work on Ubuntu, getting my brother printer/fax/scanner to work on it was a pain in the ass. And there were countless other issues of non-interconnectedness that kept creeping up. Since this happened, the ONLY way I will go back to Linux Ubuntu is if it is made to "plug and play" with standard industry hardware and some basic, universal software programs. In other words. make it more peripheral friendly. Linux Ubuntu and other open source initiatives do not have to become like Windows or MAC, and they certainly should be allowed to stand on their own merits but they need to have some ability to interact well with other hardware and software out there. It is a good program, it's free, it's intuitive and it's fun to use. But it DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS! And just like in school, as in life, as in computers... if you can't play well with others, you will almost certainly be playing alone.

Kevin Larson

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