Trained robot at home

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Tired of cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn, fetching yourself a cup of tea? In another 50 years time, a robot will be at your beck and call! There will be an office robot, programmed to answer calls, fetch your books, take down your dictations, arrange meetings etc. There will be a personal robot too, at your disposal in the confines of your home.

Summon the robot and order a cup of tea and presso, a cup of piping hot tea will be available instantly! Order a meal and within an hour, the entire meal, along with starters, main course and desserts will appear in front of you.

You have a headache? The expert fingers of the robot will press your temples and in minutes, the throbbing pain will subside. It can be used to escort your children back home from school, carry your grocery bag and handle cash transactions in the bank. All you got to do is press the right buttons!


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