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The president of the People's Republic of China starts a war against Myanmar

  • Will take place on July 05, 2010
  • Predicted on October 20, 2008
  • Countdown Expired
  • Votes 0
  • Chance 50.0 %
  • Influence 95

According to the Chinese president research proves that the bomb attack in Beijing a few months ago was planned by terrorists from Myanmar, better known as Birma. Myanmar's government would be an evil terroristic network and the mighty army of the People's Republic of China should stop it.


Myanmar is a poor country, but it has a lot of shore at the Indian Ocean. Chinese harbours in Myanmar would be of large economical and tactical use. Furthermore, the war shows other countries that China is a strong military power.


Beijing LAT: 40.25 LONG: 116.50 RADIUS: 447


The president of the People's Republic of China

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