Snow In The Desert!!

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Sure, you will be longing for the cold blast of snow-capped mountains when holidaying in the Gobi or Thar. You can imagine the ordeal the natives go through in such places in summer. While in Dubai in the blazing heat of May, you will be longing for the feel of Switzerland. Of course human mind can never be gratified and when the cold winds of December blow in Italy and England, you will long for the warmth of a tropical region.
You won’t be disappointed for long. You can usher in the snow in Dubai and you can bring some warmth, when the moody English weather surprises you. There will be places in tropical places where you can go with your family and actually chill out. You can play in the snow, skate in the snow, make snow balls and hurl at each other and roll in the snow as much as want. Similarly, when the English weather takes you by surprise, you can head for the Sun room in malls and bask in the warmth of the Sun and sip cold beverages.

Yes, malls and special havens will allow you to experience the cold blast in midsummer and the warmth in midwinter! Can you imagine Australians will be able to celebrate winter in Christmas if they head for such malls! Rather, you like the folks down under will be celebrating Christmas, basking in the warmth of the sun!

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The Day there is snow in the dessert I'm buying a sniper rifle and a white snowsuite and to attempt to take over Mexico by killing every mexican in site single handeld. There is no way there is going to be snow in the desert nor would I believe such atrosity of the beginning of the thought of creating a book of one character surviviing a plane crash only to be in the path of a frozen untrusted path of freezing to death. No Such Book exists nore do I care of the thought of snow as the main subject of Bipolar. OMG. I bet you are the mexican cartel that's why that comment should be under the subject of Marijuina Criminalization to the Effects/Affects of thought. OMG -WTF = 1 thirsty mexican times many snowflakes/ OMG divide that by how many actual letters equals common sense, I think there is a better chance of the earth exploding into a giant snowflake lol. Think about it. My equation is more realistic

Raymond Owens

I meant the sun turning from a feiry of firefly demons of the piths of hell into a giant snowflake reflecting to earth to save it from the end of worldly doom. Thats the answer.

Raymond Owens



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