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Outsourcing third world countries

  • Will take place on August 03, 2010
  • Predicted on June 07, 2008
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Population explosion, corruption and poverty being the bane of third world countries, the underdeveloped countries remain underdeveloped. So, in 2010, with no hope in hand and the situation remaining hopeless, some developed nations will think of adopting and ruling third world countries like India, some African countries, Nepal and China. Indian politicians not in a position to fend for India, decide to hand over the powers to England once again.
So, nationalized banks, public sector undertakings, schools, universities, law etc come under the wings of the British once again. Lo and behold, sanity prevails these nations. Farmers and other downtrodden sections practice birth-control and slowly but steadily population is brought under control. Builders are forced to reserve land each time they take up land for constructing something new. The famed IAS and IPS is under British supervision, thus, red-tapism is a thing of the past. Rape, robbery and other crime is unheard of, as hands and appendages that perpetrate crime are just cut off!

There is only one government and no opposition party. So, the power rests totally in the hands of the able British. No Indian complains, as they have found India to be a paradise on earth. Indian roads are sparkling clean, devoid of spit and shit. Villages are equipped with cottage industries and everyone prospers and thrives. Women are the happiest, as rape, dowry related crimes are now the things of the past.


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