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Occult polyclinic

  • Will take place on January 01, 2020
  • Predicted on March 25, 2008
  • Countdown 2 Years 7 Months Left
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  • Chance 50.0 %
  • Influence 115

The year is 2020. The façade of the famous polyclinic greets you with the sign-board bearing the names of several practitioners who could treat you. The interiors of the polyclinic in all ways resemble the present day polyclinic, with OPD’s, waiting rooms, examination rooms and machines! The difference is that instead of physicians who treat your physical and mental ailments, these are occult practitioners, who treat your emotional problems!

They look into crystal balls, the tarot, yi jing coins, horoscopes et al. suppose you consult a tarot card reader, he’d perhaps look into the cards and advise you. However, if he feels that your problems are beyond the scope of the tarot and that the energies of your living space needs to be rectified, he’d probably ask you to seek the opinion of a feng shui consultant!

In this occult polyclinic, you can choose your practitioner and also the kind of advice you need. So if you are just plain curious to find out whom you were in your past life, you could just head for the past-life practitioner’s room.

Aura cleansers, chakra balancers, tarot card readers, feng shui consultants, alternative healing therapists etc practice under the same roof!

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feng shui, past life, tarot card, polyclinic, tarot



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