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McCain predicts Iraq war over by 2013

  • Will take place on January 01, 2013
  • Quoted on May 30, 2008
  • Countdown Expired
  • Votes 47
  • Chance 57.4 %
  • Influence 358

Sen. John McCain envisions that by 2013, the Iraq war will be won, but the threat from the Taliban in Afghanistan won't be eliminated, even though Osama bin Laden will have been captured or killed.

Sen. John McCain envisions his first-term achievements during a speech in Columbus, Ohio, Thursday.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee made both statements in a speech in which he envisions the state of affairs at the end of his first term if he is elected president.

"What I want to do today is take a little time to describe what I would hope to have achieved at the end of my first term as president. I cannot guarantee I will have achieved these things," McCain said in Columbus, Ohio.

McCain's speech was unusual -- and somewhat risky -- in that it laid out benchmarks on which he could be judged.

"It certainly was an ambitious speech," said Bill Schneider, a CNN senior political analyst, noting that many of the things McCain mentioned will be "very tough things for a president to accomplish."

"But perhaps the key point that he made was the tone and tenor of his presidency when he said near the end of his speech, 'If I'm elected president, the era of the permanent campaign will end. The era of problem solving will begin,' " Schneider said.

"What's interesting about that is that precisely echoes what Barack Obama is talking about in his campaign," Schneider said, referring to the Democratic presidential candidate.


John McCain


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Vote McCain! More stupid wars!


a vote for McCain is a vote to continue the destructive Bush agenda

Vote Barack Obama
For a better America


Don't vote McCan't
Vote Obama. Yes we can!

Robert Vandyke

Didn't he say it was going to last for 100 years?


It better ends before then.

Margaret Armendariz

We need to end this pointless war now.

Tom K



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