McCain Promises Control Of U.S. Energy

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"While trillions of dollars of oil reserves go unused as a matter of fairness, we must deal with the here and now and assure affordable fuel for America by producing more of it ourselves," McCain said.

Inside there was plenty of applause, but outside the campus, protestors were heard.

McCain said not to forget the phrase “the Lexington Project.” He promised it would break the power OPEC has over the U.S.

"Let it begin with this statement: in a world of hostile and unstable oil supplies, this nation will achieve independence by 2025," he said.

He said putting $2 billion each year toward clean coal development, $1,000 tax credits to people who buy cars with near zero emissions and opening up 45 nuclear reactors and 100 new plants by 2030 would achieve that goal.

"As Nevadans, we are well aware we will need to solve complex problems of moving and storing materials that will always need safeguarding," McCain said. "Since I'm not president, I can't say the buck stops here. But I will say it must stop now."

McCain promised if elected, he would immediately look at ways of shifting American cars away from oil.




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