Masking your age

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This is especially good news for women, who never like to reveal their true age. You can choose different masks that determine a certain age. Suppose you want to look still in your 20’s, you just got to don a mask that will halt further ageing. But you got to remove it as soon as you arrive home from your party. You want to seduce an 18 year old lad, yes, all you need to do is don the mask of a 16 year old and presto, you can freeze time to sweet 16!
And yes, if it’s a 60 year old you want to seduce, there are masks that will make you appear 50!

Without changing your actual facial features, the mask will only erase wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging cheeks, sagging neck minus the discoloration that menopause has brought. The mask will work the way age-defying crèmes and lotions work today.

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