Man on Mars

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The international collaboration for the first manned mission to Mars will present its final plans for a trip within the next 20 years. The countdown for one of the greatest adventures ever has started.

16 astronauts in a team will commence preparations for the trip. A significant adjustment that they will prepare for is that the day on Mars is 40 minutes longer than on Earth. It may not sound that much but after 9 days your time is off 6 hours compared to Earth time. The long trip there without the knowledge of day and night complicates the perception of time, which is important for the crew to stay alert. When they will land, they will have supply, equipment and their return vehicle waiting for them which was sent during the previous launching. This will keep them occupied during the 600 days that they will have to stay on Mars due to the position of the planets.


Mars LAT: 47.37 LONG: -1.40 RADIUS: 120


NASA or some other countries' space agency

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sounds too dangerous. I'd rather stay here on earth

Kari Hambright



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