Land Of Different Gods

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With the world threatening to be splattered with blood, cold wars becoming the norm, George Bush, Osama Bin Laden along with Indian politicians will create a land of different Gods! Afghanisthan will be the chosen place. Afghanisthan being quite a barren and rocky land, the country will be swept clean of all traces of debris and will pave way for the several temples, mosques and churches that will dot the topography.
In acres of land, there will stand three main edifices of a temple, church and mosque.

Along with Nataraja, will be the cross of Jesus and image of Mother Mary and the body of great Muslim prophets! Not only these, synagogues, Jain temples, Chinese Pagodas et al will be housed under the same roof. Priests of all faiths will be asked to perform the rituals of all religions! So, you could find the Quazi offering flowers to Indian Gods, the Pope lighting the Jewish Menorah and the Indian priest reading from the Koran! Participating in the activities of different faiths will not be imposed. Priests will have to volunteer. However, if priests take up this vocation, learning different scriptures becomes mandatory!

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Seriously? We already have many Lands of Different Gods. Canada, for instance.
"sweep clean" Afghanistan? lol.




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