Instant wound healers

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As adults, we tread along carefully, not to stumble and hurt ourselves. As seniors, oldies are warned not to step out of the house alone. Children often scrape their knees and limp for days, with the wound having chances of catching infections. However, in another 15 years time, a new skin cover will be around which just need to plaster on the wound, like a bandage! There’s no need to clean the wound or apply antiseptic. All you got to do is to buy the skin piece available in chemists and plaster it on the wound.

You can even match the skin plaster with the tone of your skin. It will not be unsightly like the bandage, because it will blend into your skin and look as though it is part of your own skin. You need not remove it daily too. It is as good as another skin. It can be plastered even on burn wounds. If you keep one in your purse, you can use it without losing much blood.

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