Global warming forecast predicts rise in 2014

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Here is the climate forecast for the next decade; although global warming will be held in check for a few years, it will come roaring back to send the mercury rising before 2014.

The overall trend in warming is driven by greenhouse gas emissions
Overall warming trend is driven by greenhouse gas emissions

This is the prediction of the first computer model of the global climate designed to make forecasts over a timescale of around a decade, developed by scientists at the Met Office.

The new model developed at the Met's Hadley Centre in Exeter, and described in the journal Science, predicts that warming will slow during the next few years but then speed up again, and that at least half of the years after 2009 will be warmer than 1998, the warmest year on record.

Over the 10-year period as a whole, climate continues to warm and 2014 is likely to be 0.3 deg C warmer than 2004.

The overall trend in warming is driven by greenhouse gas emissions but this warming effect will be broadly cancelled out over the next few years by the changing patterns of the ocean temperatures.


Global warming forecast


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We must do something global warming now.


Al Gore is proven right again. Listen to the man!

Robert Vandyke

We should tax all the rich people in this country. And spend that money to combat global warming and more on social programs. Go Obama!


Global warming is real. non believers should take a hard look at the facts

Gerda Bruun

Go watch Al Gore's documentary. Everything you need to know about global warming is in there.

Charles Williams

Playing Devil's advocate:
Large groups of people do not dramatically change their behaviour in relation to their physical environment unless they are individually affected in a very significant manner.

Motivation by reason or some ethical standard will not result in significant, let alone sweeping, changes.

So, I suggest that the promotion of Environmental Responsibility will result, all told, in causing more damage than it could possibly prevent. It merely delays reaching the point at which the majority change their behavior. As the amount of damage seems to be nonlinear, any delay causes a great deal of damage.

David MacInnis

yeah i agree it


The assertion is that human activity is the cause of global warming. That is where the debate is.
Al Gore's documentary is junk science at best. He has an agenda and will use whatever sources he can to support his agenda, rather than using a rational scientific approach and searching for the truth.
As with any subject, before a person makes up there mind they should really research all sides first, rather than saying "oh I watched Al Gores documentary there fore I have proof we are causing global warming". Remember that is just an opinion.... and it's extremely one sided with no equal time being given to the opposite view. How can you say you "know" what's going on about anything if you don't hear all sides first?
Check this out

Jet City



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