Desalination technology will green the Sahara and U.S. southwest.

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Efficient desalination plants will be developed, most likely using either fission or fusion technology as the power source. Water will be pipelined inland to be used for municipal supplies with the surplus directed towards irrigation.

Desalination will initially be advanced to serve the growing water needs of coastal cities such as Los Angeles and Dubai. Water pipeline technology will be developed to bring desalinated water to inland cities such as Las Vegas and Phoenix after the technology has been demonstrated as effective for coastal areas. (Desalinated water is currently pipelined 320km inland to Riyadh.)

Agricultural irrigation uses will follow when the technology can be scaled to increase capacity. High efficiency circular sprinkler and drip irrigation systems will be used to maximize desalinated water resources.

The increased agricultural bounty from utilizing this arid land will help provide food for growing populations while providing cities with reliable drinking water.


Water shortages are predicted throughout the American southwest in the next few decades. Irrigation technology can allow arid regions to be converted into productive land.


desert climates worldwide


Most likely public utilities


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