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Knowledge that is non-intuitive and can be learnt by rote, eg, learning different languages, exam preparation, etc will be directly downloaded to the human mind, via a machine. The memory/subject will be fed onto a machine which will share the knowledge with the human mind. Just like memory sharing between two or many computers. This will help make this world full of super-efficient people who need not spend hours over books. Thanks to this, scientists will be born everyday, if not every second. There will be no concept of examinations as worth will be measured by how well one uses the knowledge.

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It's called the Internet

Mike Longstreet

Wait no longer: download your knowledge TODAY!
With development of modern technology comes the ability to download knowledge directly into your brain using a photon based interface called a "Thin film transistor liquid crystal display". You can use a network to connect to a large array of sources for this information. An example is the "world wide web". You can even use the Global System for Mobile Communications to have free access to the information ANYWHERE.

Simon Prins



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