Bush predicts GOP will hold White House

  • Will take place on November 01, 2008
  • Quoted on February 25, 2008
  • Countdown Expired
  • Votes 105
  • Chance 44.8 %
  • Influence 518

President Bush predicted Monday that voters will replace him with a Republican president who will "keep up the fight" in Iraq. "I'm confident we'll hold the White House in 2008," Bush told donors at the Republican Governors Association annual dinner, which raised a record $10.6 million for GOP gubernatorial candidates.

"And I don't want the next Republican president to be lonely," Bush said. "And that is why we got to take the House, retake the Senate, and make sure our states are governed by Republican governors."

The pep talk came in the midst of a presidential campaign that largely has overshadowed Bush's final year in office. Bush has promised to be an active fundraiser, and he had no trouble slipping into enthusiastic campaign mode Monday evening.

He said Republicans still offer the bedrock positions that voters embrace: strong defense, low taxes and personal freedoms.

"When I say I'm confident, I am so because I understand the mentality of the American people," Bush said. "And I understand the mentality of our candidates. And there's no question in my mind, with your help, 2008 is going to be a great year."


George W. Bush



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he wishes


You never know. Obama might have done well in the primaries but the general election is a totall y different game. In all likelihood it's going to be a tough fight for both candidates


8 years of bush is enough. Change is coming!


When President Bush took office on January 20, 2001, the national average gas price was $1.46 per gallon. As of today, the average U.S. gas price is $4.01, roughly 173% higher. Compounded annually, this represents about a 15% jump each year Bush has been in office.

Now, let’s compare the numbers over the same time period for President Clinton.

When Clinton took office on January 20, 1993, the national average gas price was $1.06 per gallon. seven and a half years later, the national average gas price had jumped to $1.22, roughly 15% higher. Compounded annually, this represents about a 2% jump each year.

Now tell me why the republicans deserve to win?

Gerda Bruun

I was once an Obama supporter. Yes, I was going to vote for him until his Reverend started to pulverize my country. Listen, his Reverend pissed off alot of us Democrats, many more than you think. I watched Obama stand by the Reverend's side defending him after he verbally terrorized this great nation. I don't care if you are white,yellow,red,purple or black but no one and I mean no one will DAMN my country period

Matthew Sanders

The title tells everything " Bush predicts "
Are there any Bush success stories? None that i can think of, one failure after another!

Robert Lembo

What if that black preacher was named Martin Luther King, Jr.? ... and we honor him, rightly, with a national holiday.

He qualified his damnation though but it was the mid-60's so back then I would put that on par with anything Rev. Wright said.

Specifically, MLK repeatedly damned America if the government didn't do something to solve poverty in this nation. Fighin' words to be sure coming from a man of the cloth. But done out of caring for both the poor and the country, that was clear to everyone who listened and a large dose of anger at the forces who maintain the status quo.


-Robert Lembo

Remember the Al Gore and Kerry defeats?


-Gerda Bruun

Oil at $78 dollars jan 2006 dems take house and senate oil goes to $136 today coincedence? The president cant do anything without the congress


cant force myself to vote republican so obama will do. im giving him a chance. i wonder how many voters feel the same way.


so many lifes shattered due to his wanting to enrich his buddies. mainly halliburton.

Charles Williams

Bush lied about WMDs and who knows how many other things.


As Martin Luther King said, we live in a time of guided missiles, and misguided men.

Beverly Delacruz

I have thought REALLY hard on this, but is there ANYTHING that the Bush administration did right in the past 8 years?

You are going to be hard pressed to find something.


if Bush lied then they all lied
Everybody said Iraq had WMD.
Both Clintons, John Kerry,Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, John Edwards, etc.
Along with the:CIA, United Nations,British, Russians, etc etc. Bust went on the world-wide intelligence community and the fact that Iraq used WMD on the KURDS.


I swear that must be the dumbest man that ever lived. I'm ashamed of my vote. I truly am and am sure I'm not the only one. Now I'm afraid we have so little to choose from for November. What are we going to do


It's better to have some form of Capitalism survive (under McCain) than the Socialism/Communism Obama wants to hand us. If you think you are hurting financially now, just wait until Obama gets in office.

Scott Byrd

Abusing and wasting oil on gas guzzling nations is Bad very bad. We need to run on air and water cars not gasoline or electric fuel consuming junk cars.

Gerda Bruun

Bush inherited Clinton surpluses and turned it into huge deficits how can anyone say the economy has been good under republican control.

Charles Williams

With Obama, 90% of Americans get a tax CUT under Obama's tax plan!!! Plus Obama saves Trillions by ending the Iraq war while McCain puts us even more in debt and destroys the value of the American dollar by borrowing Trillions and waging war.


Obama has a very healthy economic policy. While I agree with critics that believe raising cap gains is a mistake he has other pro jobs policies such as 0 cap gains for small business investors. Lower income taxes for about 95% of workers should more then offset any increase in cap gains for most of the population. You don't pay cap gains in retirement accounts anyway and that is where the bulk of investors have their investments.

Obama is backing away from raising cap gains anyway and I doubt he does it. He will more likely lower the income taxes for those he already promised and whenever the economy begins to recover hike taxes on the top .5% to 1% of the population and still leave cap gains as is. The benefit to small business start-ups will be enormous for the economy.

The savings from a less active military overseas will offset the homeland infrastructure buildout which will create thousands of good paying jobs. I'm not for big government but the infrastructure here needs improvements and someone has to pay for it. You could sell off these assets but then the government would have to create an agency to ensure everything is up to standards to prevent illness and disaster depending on the infrastructure.

Obama's policies are very reasonable and if he does away with his cap gains increase, as he has already hinted at, he will be very pro-growth.

Tiffany Padilla

You really want Obama to tax us to oblivion, expand socialism, AND (here's the WORST part) take away all your GUNS???!!!


Did he really say that?? wow

"When I say I'm confident, I am so because I understand the mentality of the American people" - Bush

Michael Williams

the Dems will have to come in and clean up after the irresponsible Neocon children that have:

-Created an $11T national debt
-Set an energy policy that let to $143/barrel oil, and sold America's future to OPEC and China
-Spent virtually nothing on domestic infrastructure (levies, roads, bridges) but several TRILLION on Iraq and Afghanistan.
-Destroyed America's repulation around the world

Obama's going to have a helluva mess to clean up.


The GOP will win. Regardless of what everyone says, threatens, or wants to do, they will ultimately win, again.

I consulted last summer in Washington DC to some GOP related lobbyists. If you think Bush/Cheney were evil/intimidating, you have not seen these guys. While I respect and admire these guys, I was also a bit frightened for the first time, even as a Republican, by what they were absolutely capable of. The Dems are so far behind, its not even funny anymore.

If Obama and Clinton pair up, the GOP wins a landslide victory. If they don't, its going to be close, but ultimately McCain will take it.

Obama cannot end the war in Iraq, same reason why Kerry wouldn't have been able to do it. McCain couldn't even if he wanted to. Why? War is hell, but war is not as simple as it seems so on CNN.

Do you people actually think that by pulling out of Iraq that things will get better for us?! Absolutely not. Things may get better for a few months.. but once we are out of there, Iran or Syria will jump right in. Iraq is SO unstable, both security and politically speaking. They'd either be run over by terror groups, militias or worse, outside forces such as other countries. They would rape and pillage Iraq. I'm not saying that we haven't done our own version of raping and pillaging, but this is what happens when you go to war and commit yourself to it. The biggest mistake after Iraq was declaring "major combat victory". By far the worst move you could make, and so quickly. Congrats Bush, you set a world record.. well actually, no you didn't. The Israelis did it in 6 days after being attacked. Woops! Guess we'll have to attack another country and try to declare victory in under 6 days. Maybe one of the uninhabitted stone islands in the Fjords? We can totally rock that in under 10 mins and set a sweet record!

Jon Fisher

Well said Jon. Even Obama himself is saying he can't pull our troops out of Iraq now. He needs more time to consult with the commanders. What a hypocrite.

sigh... Liberal ignorance is the most expensive commodity for which we are all forced to pay.

Scott Byrd

Things will start to get better. I'd rather be liberally ignorant in hoping for the best for this country than try and recreate Empire with Republican Neo-con fantasies. All they proved is that a no-show President from Texas can be an EXCELLANT President of Iraq. Too bad he could not be a good President to the good, ole' U.S. of A...

Kevin Larson

If you are a poor person living on public hand-outs Obama is your man. If you have an occupation, work, and try to accumulate wealth Obama is your worst nightmare.


No,never. The words from Mr.Bush has never turn reality.
Surely obama will win his category.


McCain picked Palin as VP. Very good choice for him. The race just got more interesting.

McCain Palin 08'

Matthew Sanders

Obama is an absolute fraud of a candidate. The dems wanted to move away from the Clintons and they knew that nobody could badmouth the black guy. If the media were fair, this would not even be CLOSE in favor of repubicans. That's how bad of a candidate Obama is. This was a well orchestrated marketing campaign. The media made a star out of Paris Hilton. What did she do? Nothing. Believe it or not, something very similar is happening with Obama. Depsite how you may feel about Bush, Obama is not the answer. This country will truly suffer with his ilk running things, and I am a moderate.

Nellie Berry

hello, world!






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