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99% or more of predictions are false

  • Will take place on January 01, 9999
  • Predicted on July 04, 2008
  • Countdown 7 Millennia Left
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  • Chance 50.0 %
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It's already happening. This site is definitely fun and entertaining... but come on.. realistic? Not unless you're high on angel dust and also believe in the Nostradamus crap too.

Although some predictions are validated, just so long as the odds of our bets are in our favor... otherwise, total coin flip.

People should also be held accountable for predictions that fail or succeed. I bet we'd have a lot more accurate ones after that!


Because we like to believe in things that are usually impossible. False hopes feel better than real ones. Plus if they fail, we don't feel as crappy if they are fairly outrageous to begin with.


Everywhere humans exist


Everyone who isn't an imbecile



Genius! I don't think anyone can top this. PLus you've got 7 Millennia! before someone can proove this.


yes. like you lose a limb if you are wrong. that should be fun!


Nostradamus was not crap. Astrology is not crap.

Just to open your eyes up a little, check out the predicton I made on this very site:

I also predicted the EXACT date of the October 6, 2008 crash, 9 months before it happened. Archive on

Let's see your mathematics/physics/financial wizards of the world do that :).... or are they CRAP at it.

Adrian Fourie



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