Becoming the world’s favorite aunt

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I’m third among three siblings. I was a born rebel. But my freedom always came with brickbats. Although I never excelled academically, I was musically and literally talented. So they criticized me for my average performance; and my outspoken nature. Comparisons by family elders were obvious. Soon we all grew up, flew off the nest, married, raised families, excelled in our respective career. Although I never compare my two children with each other, the fighter spirit in me made me excel in whatever I do, be the best partner, the best parent and the best daughter-in-law.

Each time we siblings met, we did show our competent side, compared notes about our children and there was an unmistakable air of competition. Once when I saw my friend relate to her siblings, I was amazed sighting their camaraderie. Now on each vacation, instead of talking about my children’s recent trophies and grades, I compliment my nieces and nephews for their accomplishments. And of course, my children are noticed too for their efforts. Previously while I’d plan to buy the latest gadgets one of my siblings owned, I’ve now started spending quality time with my husband and children and making them ‘happiness-driven’ people. Now my goal is to become the world’s favorite aunt!


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